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Daikin Ducted Systems

Daikin Ducted Systems

If you love to relax in an air conditioned home or look forward to the same at work, then our Daikin Ducted Systems, with the ability to control the temperature in different areas, are ideal. At A M Airconditioning, we supply a variety of Daikin products, and the ducted systems are a great choice for customers who prefer to be more selective about their heating and cooling options.

Perfect for providing comfort throughout your home, these systems use Daikin’s advanced technologies to ensure premium performance and high energy-efficiency. Whether it’s heating your home in the winter or cooling it in the warmer months, you can depend on Daikin to deliver what you need every time.

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    Advantages of ducted air conditioning

    Enjoy whole house heating and cooling

    A visually less intrusive system

    You can zone your spaces to minimise energy consumption and premium comfort levels

    Using an inverter-based system, Daikin Ducted Systems continually adjust their cooling and heating output according to the current temperature in the room. This means that once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter technology will maintain this for your convenience.

    With Daikin Ducted Systems, you can relax in your ideal temperature while conserving energy at the same time. Meanwhile, with Daikin’s SkyFi, you can easily control your system from anywhere and at anytime. (Available for models FDYQ, FDYQN, and FBQ.)

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